Chit Chat with Michael Nadal

Hi All, we got hold of Michael of Wirbellose & More for a quick chit chat session. Globally he is one of the reputed shrimp keeper, breeder. He has been a judge of various shrimp keeping competition and also visited several countries and studied their biotope. He is from Germany.

  1. Tell us something about yourself.

Michael – Okay, I am 44 years old and 40 years in that I have been playing with tanks! LOL..


2. What about your family?

Michael – My family is the most important thing to me in the world. Me and my girlfriend are now 20 years together.


3 .When did you develop interest in shrimps?

Michael – I started the hobby with fish. In the past shrimps were only food for me, but then I saw some nice crayfish and then started with invertebrates. Along with shrimps I keep crayfish, snails etc.

4. What were the major difficulties you had encountered in the beginning? How is the situation now?

Michael – In the beginning I made the same mistakes like most other people do like wrong temp, wrong water, wrong food, wrong filter etc. These experiences have kept me growing.

5. What shrimps species/varieties you like most?

Michael – My favorites are all kind of tiger shrimps.

6. About the specific diets for shrimp, your thoughts on that?

Michael – I don’t follow any specific diets for my shrimp. I feed them whatever I feel is good for them.

7.How important do you think supplement, water conditioner play a role in shrimp keeping?

Michael – Sure water conditioners are important, different types of shrimps need diff water parameters. And these can be achieved using the conditioners.

8. Tiger shrimps don’t get so much of fan following as compared to their counterparts – crystal reds, crystal blacks and the tibees. Do you agree to it? If yes what could be the reason – your thoughts?

Michael – I personally don’t think so, I think tiger shrimps have also many fans because many breeder use tiger shrimps for cross-breeding, so they are also very popular

  1. Share your thoughts about taibee and taitaibee. How did they appear in the market?

Michael – normal tibee and taitibee are not so popular in the market, because most of them don’t look so good. But the high grade tibee and taitibee are very interesting and also very nice, they have many fans.

10.You are one of the biggest global and reputed shrimp breeders, how did that happen?

Michael – I think the most important reason is hard work and luck… :-))

11. What could be the best tank size, substrate, filtration for a shrimp tank?

Michael – I think the best size should be in and around 40-50L,

Filter – I only use sponge filter,

Substrate – There are many types of good substrate available but I cannot say witch one is good or bad. I like to use normal river sand, but many other breeder use soil also.

12. What do you think could be the ideal stocking?

Michael – Ideal stocking for shrimps I think should be around 20-30 pcs

13. Share some information about your farm or setups.

Michael – My setup(s) are very easy. Its with sand, woods, moss. I like keeping things simple.

14. Apart from shrimps what other species do you like and keep?

Michael – All kind of invertebrates. Like crayfish, snails, crabs etc.

15. What is your future planning?

Michael – As of now I don’t have any plans for the future, the most important thing is that you should have fun with what you do.

16. What will be your message for Indian shrimp hobbyists? And have you kept any Indian shrimps?

Michael – My message for Indian shrimp hobbyists is to look into your own rivers, you have so many nice native shrimps in India. You don’t need shrimps from Europe or Asia, but I know other shrimps from other countries are always more interesting than native shrimps, but if I be any time in India I will look in every river 🙂

I have many diff types of Indian shrimps, like green, malaya, zebra etc.

Thank you so much Micha for sharing your time with us.

Some of Michael Shrimps –


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